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Direct Referrals Info
Direct Referral

You can increase your earning by collecting direct referrals. Direct referrals are the users who joined under your referral link. You'll find your referral link on “Banners & Referral link” page. You can also use their promotional banners to promote your referral link. Furthermore, you can also buy direct referrals from N-ads. The maximum number of direct referral depends on membership. You will get 50% profit from your direct referrals clicks (Standard ads only). N-ads can't guarantee the clicks of direct referrals. They provide the referrals who clicked at least 10 ads on previous 4 days.. In this post, we will describe all the information about direct referral of n-ads.

Direct Referral's Price
Package Price Validity
1 DR $1.00 Lifetime
3 DRs $2.75 Lifetime
5 DRs $4.00 Lifetime
10 DRs $7.00 Lifetime
25 DRs $15.00 Lifetime
50 DRs $25.00 Lifetime

Here, DR = Direct Referral.

Maximum Number Of Direct Referrals
Membership Maximum Direct Referrals
Standard 20
Silver 50
Gold 100
Ad-Viewer-I Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-II Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-III Unlimited
Ad-Viewer-IV Unlimited

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