N-ADS : Earn Money By Viewing Ads
Frequently Asked Questions
01. What is the minimum withdrawal amount ?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2 for all membership

02. What is the maximum withdrawal limit for various membership's ?

The maximum withdrawal amount:
For Standard Member- $5.00
For Silver Member - $10.00
For Gold Member - $15.00
Ad-Viewer-I Member - $30.00
Ad-Viewer-II Member - $40.00
Ad-Viewer-III Member - $60.00
Ad-Viewer-IV Member - $100.00

03. Do I need to deposit money for withdraw from here ?

No. Deposit is not required for withdraw from n-ads. It is totally free.

04. Can I view the ads via mobile/tab ?

Yes, you can. But we recommand to use computer/laptop. Because our design may brok on small screen.

05. How much time it takes to processing a withdrawal request?

We take 1-3 days ( 72 hours) to complete a payment request.

06. Do I need to view ads to get profit from my referrals ?

Yes, you need to view at least 4 advertisements in order to receive earnings from your referrals on next day.

07. Which types of advertisement clicks credited as referrals earnings ?

You will receive referrals commission only from "standard ads" if they clicked these.

08. How many clicks I will get per day from every rented referrals ?

You will receive 4 clicks daily from every rented referral. If any rented referral clicks less then 4 ads, you can replace it without any cost.

09. Is there any withdrawal fees ?

Yes, 5% withdraw processing fees will be cuted from your withdrawal amount. This fee is same for every payment processor.

10. Is there any additional fees for large number of rented referrals ?

No. It is $0.20 per referrals per month for all membership and all range of referrals number.

11. Which payment system I can use to deposit and cashout ?

We support perfect money and payeer as our payment gateways. You can use any of these for deposit and cashout.

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