N-ADS : Earn Money By Viewing Ads
Earning Strategy-01: Using PTP Link
Earning Strategy: Using paid to promote link

N-ads advertise credit is soo cheap that you can make a profit by promoting your ptp (paid to promote) link here.The ptp site which pays more than $0.0001 per view, can be profitable for you. You should find out some ptp sites to promote here on n-ads. We suggested rotate4all.com which pays $0.0004 per unique view.

Instruction for rotate4all:

1. Add fund on n-ads and purchase ptc add credit.

2. Click here to sign up on rotate4all and collect your ptp link.

3. Create a Tiny ads on N-ads using your ptp link.

Profit Calculation:

For example, Suppose you've purchased 55000 ptc ad credits using $10. Rotate4all will pay you $0.0004 per unique views.

So the income : 55000 × $0.0004 = $22.00

Advertisemnt cost : $10.00

Net profit on $10 investment: $22.00 - $10.00 = $12.00


1. Must create tiny ads, you can't make a profit by creating other types of ads.

2.You've to create only one ad using one ptp link. If you create multiple ads using the same ptp link, your profit will be decreased.

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